Implants replace lost teeth reliably. Following the model of natural teeth an artificial tooth root made ​​of titanium forms the basis for crowns, bridges or dentures. Only those who have for years been involved in every facet of the implant, can guarantee long-term success. With us you will be treated exclusively by experienced implantologists who have their techniques refined over many years to perfection and were able to develop a secure sense of color, form and function.
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Aftercare and Maintenance

Post-operative care and maintenance of implants are certainly as important as the implantation itself. Depending on the situation, we recommend a follow-up appointment in our clinic at least twice a year so that the implants may be checked and cleaned. X-rays should also be taken on a regular basis. You should, of course, maintain a high level of oral hygiene at home; a gum infection caused by food particles and unsanitary oral conditions may put the implant at risk.